99eyao:Cervical Erosion and Chinese Herbal Therapy

Cervical ectopy is the medical term for cervical erosion. To the surface of the cervix, the inside of the cervical canal extend on which lined by cells, that is the condition of cervical erosion.


Squamous epithelium lines the outside of cervical canal and columar epithelium lines the inside of the cervical canal normally. At the squamo-columnar junction these connect. Onto the vaginal portion of cervix and on the surface of the cervical os, the columnar epithelium may extend further down and protrude in cervical erosion. To stratify squamous epithelium, it may transform and also undergo squamous metaplasia.


Cervical Erosion Causes:

Estrogen level

In the body, a response to high levels of circulationg oestrogen is believed to be cervical erosion. In a woman’s life, at different times, estrogen levels may be high.


In Pregnancy:

At that time, in the body, the high levels of estrogen levels cause a very common finding during pregnancy- cervical erosion. When the penis touches the cervix during sexual intercourse, during pregnancy, mild bleeding can be caused usually. After childbirth, the erosion disappears spontaneously 3 – 6 months.


In Women on Birth Control Pills:

In different strengths, hormones, estrogen and progesterone are contained in all birth control pills. With a high level of estrogen, women taking pills have cervical erosion more common.


At Birth:

In at least 1/3rd of all female babies, cervical erosion is found. During childhood, it tends to disappear. While still in the uterus, the babies are subjected to the maternal estrogen which as a response, this is believed by many researchers. As the influence decreases, the erosion disappears.

In Women on Hormone Replacement Therapy: Through pills, patches, creams etc, replacement of estrogen in the body consists HRT in menopause mainly. Cervical erosion can be caused by this estrogen.


In Postmenopausal Women not on HRT: In the blood, since the level of estrogen is very low, after the menopause in women, cervical erosion is rarely seen.



Infection is the cause of cervical erosion is slowly losing ground as a theory. The changed cells of cervical erosion are more susceptible to various bacteria and fungi and tend to get infected very easily, this is a more possible cause of cervical erosion than infection, it is increased by evidence. Cervical erosion is caused by infection, the belief is led by cervical erosion and cervical infections are often seen together.


How Chinese medicine treats Cervical Erosion

From the root, cervical erosion is cured by herbal medicine treatment. Cervical erosion is triggered by cervical ectropion, adjusting endocrine system in the body, cervical ulceration, herbal medicine treats and cures cervical erosion and endocrine system are linked to cervical erosion.


Healthy and normal state restore cervix, infection and inflammation is cleared by using herbal medicine treatment for PID for cervical erosion inflammation and infection. With herbal treatments, a natural approach to cure women’s pelvic problems can be taken by women with cervical erosion and PID.

Global.fuyanpills:How is Chlamydia Acquired?

Chlamydia trachomatis, an obligate intracellular human pathogen, widely parasitize human beings. Only in a small group people can Chlamydia trachomatis be morbific. Chlamydia is usually passed from one person to another during sex. How is chlamydia acquired?

The infection is most commonly spread through:
- unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex
- sharing sex toys if you don’t wash them or cover them with a new condom each time they’re used.

Infected semen or vaginal fluid coming into contact with the eye can cause conjunctivitis.

Chlamydia can also be passed from a pregnant woman to her baby.

It is not yet clear if chlamydia can be spread by transferring infected semen or vaginal fluid to another person’s genitals on the fingers or through rubbing vulvas (female genitals) together.

You cannot catch chlamydia from kissing, hugging, sharing baths or towels, swimming pools, toilet seats or from sharing cups, plates or cutlery.

Drleetcmclinic:No prostatitis happens without reasons

Prostatitis is a condition that can affect men’s life quality, sex and reproductive ability. Everyone takes the prostatitis as a demon or an evil just like a trouble around you without any reasons. It is commonly to hear that I have no infection and live a regular life, why I have the prostatitis? However, just like no pain and no gain, nothing happens without reasons, so does the prostatitis.

People usually take the view that bacterial infection as the major reason of prostatitis. In addition to the bacterial type, prostatitis can also be classified into nonbacterial type. Therefore, different reasons lead to different types of prostatitis.

Infection in other reproductive organs
As is known, infections in reproductive organs, especially when the infection is gonococcus, this bacterium can enter prostate along with the ejaculatory duct and lead to prostatitis.

Inflammatory urine
A healthy man may have no infection in his reproductive organs, but he must have inflammatory urine, which is the second reason of prostatitis. If one has inflammatory urine and like to hold urine, the urine can return back to prostatitis, so inflammatory urine can also bring prostatitis to men. Men with UTI or cystitis are easily to contract prostatitis.

Rectum bacterial infections
The stool contains lots of bacteria. If man do not pay attention to genital hygiene, such as do no change underwear every day, the bacteria on underwear can stick on penis and then invade the urinary tract because of rubbing.

Long-term sitting
Driver who needs to sit all day long are under high risk of prostatitis, because long time sitting can slow down the blood circulation of prostate and making congestion to this gland, which brings an agreeable situation for bacteria to growth.

Although there also are some other reason of prostatitis, the above mentioned four are on the top. Therefore, no prostatitis happens without reasons. However, knowing the reason of prostatitis isn’t the final, how to cure the prostatitis is the aim. Pain killer, antibiotics like Cripo, herbal medicine like Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill are treatment of prostatitis. But each treatment has its advantages and disadvantages. Prostatitis men need to choose the right treatment based on their conditions.

Diureticspill:For The Treatment of Chlamydia in Men, Azithromycin Is Not The Best

Antibiotics are used the most to cure chlamydia, and azithromycin is one main type of them. 1 gm of azithromycin by mouth is a convenient single-dose therapy for chlamydia. But for the treatment of chlamydia in men, azithromycin is not the best.

Symptoms of chlamydia in men
1. Penis discharges a little clear or cloudy secretion.
2. Feeling painful when urinating.
3. The opening of the penis is buring and itching
4. Testicles are painful and swollen.

Complications of chlamydia in men
In men, chlamydia can result in a condition called epididymitis if it is not treated, it can also lead to sterility. It leads to a condition called reactive arthritis rarely. A variety of conditions, including swelling and pain in the joints that can be disabling are caused by reactive arthritis.

As we all know, antibiotics will cause side effect and resistance to drugs, also patients may get the infected again in the near future since they can’t cure the disease from the origin. Latest researches show that genital chlamydia infection can be treated with appropriate herbal formulas as well.

Herbal medicine is an alternative treatment of chlamydia. In the view of TCM, chlamydia is caused by toxic materials and urination disturbance. By adding different herbs in, a complete herbal medicine can contain lots of function such as clearing toxic materials and relieving stranguria. What’s more, herbal medicine can also improve the immunity and self-healing ability. Men can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill to get a cure.

1. Every time when you have sex, please remember use condoms correctly.
2. Do not go back and forth between partners and decrease the number of sex partners.
3. Only have sexual contact to one uninfected partner and remember sexual abstinence.
4. Avoiding sexual contact and go to see a doctor if you think you are infected by chlamydia.

Food can or can’t eat
1.  No spicy food such as pepper, ginger, green onion, garlic etc, for they can make heat in viscera, swollen gums, sore tongue, yellow urine, burning in or around anus and make the disease more serious.
2.  No seafood or stimulating food, like shrimp,  mandarin fish, snakehead, hairtail , yellow croaker, crab and etc, for they can increase humid heat and make genital area itch, it will be harmful to the elimination of inflammation.
3. No sweet or oily food, for example, lard, fat pork, butter, cream, food with a lot of sugar like candy, dessert, chocolate, cream cake and etc, for they can help increase the humid heat and influence the treatment.
4. No alcohol or smoking. For smoking can make the disease serious, nicotine can decrease the binding force of blood and oxygen in artery, alcohol can increase humid heat, also rice wine contained drink or medicinal liquor can’t be drunk.
5. Male patients need to pay attention to the nutrition of diet. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to keep bowel movement every day, drink more water and prevent the infection of urinary tract.

Prostatitisradicalcure:Does long-term abstinence provoke prostatitis?

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland that troubled many male friends. People with prostatitis is easy to get other diseases, such as sexual dysfunction or male infertility.

The prostatitis was simply divided into two types-bacterial and nonbacterial prostatitis. As the name implies, nonbacterial prostatitis isn’t like bacterial prostatitis which was mainly due to Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, it is mainly caused by the pathogenic bacteria like mycoplasma, chlamydia, and virus, or recurrent hyperemia of the prostate. Among them, the reason why improper sexual life can cause nonbacterial prostatitis is mainly due to recurrent hyperemia of the prostate. Over masturbation lead to active hyperemia of reproductive organs and then cause prostatitis. While long-term abstinence also provoke prostatitis by passive hyperemia of reproductive organs.
Some male friends, who are conservative and inexperienced of sex, masturbate rarely and even to keep long-term abstinence. However, over inhibition of sexual life not only affect the congestion function of sexual organs and provoke prostatitis, but also affect psychological health. Dysfunction of congestion will increase the barriers to venous blood return and make the blood stagnation, which would cause the immunity of the prostate decreased and induce nonbacterial prostatitis. More serious problem is that it would lead to unhappiness life between in husband and wife. Therefore, long-term abstinence is an important reason that provoke prostatitis. It is not allowed to be ignored.
Untreated nonbacterial prostatitis may lead to the disorder of reproductive system. Although antibiotics has a certain effect on bacterial prostatitis, it does not apply to the nonbacterial prostatitis. The treatment method of combined traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine gained good practice effect in clinic. A herbal pill, named as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, was created by Dr. Lee who is a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor, has been widely used in the treatment for prostatitis. The main ingredients of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill are Chinese herbs like Houttuynia cordata and Plantain Seed which clear away heat and remove toxin, it also has the guiding drugs like Pangolin which can kill bacteria directly and effectively. But don’t like other antibiotics, the pill has the advantage of drug resistance and no side effects. More and more patients with prostatitis would like to choose the herbal pill to treat the disease, rather than other antibiotics.
As the doctors says, drug treatment is only a part to treat disease, normal sexual life is also important for prevention of prostatitis.

Global.fuyanpills:Can One Get Pregnant with Chlamydia?

More than half the men and women who have chlamydia infection are unaware, some people walk around for years not knowing they are carrying the infection. This lack of awareness makes the infection all the more easy to spread, especially if you have a lot of sexual partners.

Chlamydia, like some other STDs, can quite easily block your fallopian tubes which prevents your egg passing down for fertilsation.
How does chlamydia affect fertility?
If left untreated, the infection can lie dormant for several months before travelling through the cervix to infect the fallopian tubes, leading to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). This can cause symptoms such as low abdominal pain, fever and painful sex. However, many women have a less acute inflammation that produces few if any symptoms. If untreated, PID can lead to blockage of the fallopian tubes and subsequent infertility.
Chlamydia is now the commonest cause of PID, which is thought to affect more than 165,000 women a year. It is estimated that 25% of all cases of infertility are due to chlamydia infection.
Approximately 10% of all women who contract chlamydia will become infertile as a result of PID. This equates to 30,000 women a year becoming infertile.
The peak age for chlamydia infection in women is between 16 and 19 years.
Can one get pregnant with chlamydia?
Yes, before it affects the fallopian tubes or any part of the reproductive system. It is absolutely possible to conceive with chlamydia infection.
However, unfortunately, chlamydia infection spreads from mother to child. If a mother has it during pregnancy and labour, can cause eye or lung infections in the newborn baby. The risk of transmission during birth varies, but is about 20% to 50% for eye infections and about 10% to 20% for infection of the lungs.

Drleetcmclinic:Anal Pain and Swelling

Anal pain — pain in and around your anus or rectum (perianal region) — is a common complaint. Although most causes of anal pain are benign, the pain itself can be severe because of the many nerve endings in the perianal region. Many conditions that cause anal pain may also cause rectal bleeding, which is usually more frightening than serious. It’s rare for anal pain to be an indication of a more serious condition, such as cancer.

Your GP should be able to diagnose the cause of your pain after an inspection of your bottom or after a gentle rectal examination.
In many cases, the cause will either be:
- an anal fissure (tear),created by stool tearing the anus, which is generally an acute, sharp pain. There may be associated muscle spasm, resulting in prolonged pain over hours.
- a pile that contains a blood clot.
- an abscess, resulting from a bacterial infection, which may cause fever, night sweats and prolonged, constant pain.
- an inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease, where there may be anal fissures and abscesses as well as inflammation in the rectum.
a bone-related problem, such as coccydynia (pain from your tailbone) or referred pain from your lower back, pelvis or hips caused by arthritis or bone tumours.
a urinary tract problem, such as prostatitis (inflammation or infection of the prostate gland).
- tumor, such as cancer, which may produce progressively worsening pain.
- muscle spasm in the pelvis, which can produce a very sharp pain that often resolves quickly.
- fungal infection, which may create prolonged pain that is less severe than an abscess.
- anal ulcer, a kind of sore or raw area, which may be painful and can represent an infection.
- skin problem, such as psoriasis or dermatitis, which may cause itching or burning.

Diureticspill:What are the causes that make the color of semen abnormal?

White is typically considered a healthy sperm color, although it can also be slightly yellow at times. Yellow or greenish sperm may also be a sign of a serious infection, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms. Pink, red, or brown sperm may mean that a man has blood in his semen, and this can be the sign of an infection or injury. Semen color can change from day to day, and a sudden change or a change accompanied by discomfort or a foul odor should be checked by a physician.
Semen usually turns a more yellow color as a man becomes older. This change is gradual and typically does not mean that the semen will be yellow with every ejaculation. In most cases, the semen will appear to be more yellow after an older man goes longer stretches without ejaculation; however, this may also happen with a younger man at times. There is usually no need for any action as the sperm is still healthy and viable.
A man’s diet affects the color of his semen as well. Food especially high in sulfur can cause yellow semen. Consuming large amounts of sulfur may cause your semen to look yellow. Some foods with lots of sulfur are grains, cabbage, broccoli, nuts, and asparagus. Garlic and onions have also been known to contain large amounts of sulfur. This also includes medications and multivitamins, which may also cause the semen to turn a light yellow color.
Yellow or green sperm may also indicate a more serious problem, such as an infection. A urinary tract infection (UTI) or an infection in the prostate could cause a man’s sperm to appear yellow, for instance. Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) may also cause a yellow or green sperm color. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two STDs that may cause green sperm.
Often times, abnormal semen color or consistency is caused by medical conditions. If your semen is yellow or green, it may be a sign of a prostate infection. Lumpy or thick ejaculate could indicate a hormone deficiency. Pink, dark brown or red ejaculate may mean there is blood in the semen, a sign of bleeding in the prostate.
Changes in the appearance of semen might be temporary and not a health concern. If changes persist for longer than a week or two or if the color change is associated with other symptoms such as pain, fever, sexual dysfunction or blood in the urine, your symptoms may be caused by some medical conditions, such as UTI, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, then you should go to see your doctor for an evaluation.
Only when you find out the exact cause of yellow semen, could you seek out the most suitable treatment for it. If the situation of yellow semen is caused by prostatitis, UTI, epididymitis, chlamydia or gonorrhea, don’t worry, they are curable. Luckily these medical conditions could be solved by herbal medicine “diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill” from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is also known as diuresis antibiotic pill. The herbs in Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill work effectively and directly into reproductive system and urinary system, to completely clear up infections. It terminates chronic pain by notably improving blood circulation and eliminating inflammation gradually. Thus it can kill the pathogen completely, and all the symptoms could be cleared up by it without reoccur.

prostatitisradicalcure:Does the incidence of the prostatitis teenager tend to be high?

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland. Ten to twelve percent of all men experience prostatitis symptoms at some point in their lives. It is most common prostate problem in men under the age of 50. However, more and more data indicated that the incidence of the prostatitis in teenager tend to be high.

According to the report of Nanjing Daily in 16 Oct., 2013, the incidence trend of prostatitis presents younger condition, even teenagers of 15 or 16 also suffer from this disease. Clinical statistics shows that the highly onset age of prostatitis patients between 18 to 40 years old, and the incidence of chronic prostatitis tend to be younger and younger. Therefore the situation is not optimistic.
The report said that the youngest patient with prostatitis was treated in the Chinese medicine hospital of Jiangsu Province only sees 15 or 16 years old. According to the doctor, the situation of prostatitis teenager related to puberty in advance, early contact with unhealthy information, and academic pressure etc. However, not all patients between twenty to thirty years old are prostatitis patients. Some of them exist excessive treatment while does not find out the nosogenesis promptly. The director Ning said that many teenagers are often misled by related knowledge search from internet when they occasional appeared symptoms such as frequency of urination, urgent urination, orchialgia, premature ejaculation and so on. The consequences of excessive treatment are often serious. While some related symptoms come out, you need to see a doctor and find out the nosogenesis for the best.
However, a healthy lifestyle is very important for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, especially for teenagers. Some good ways based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine were suggested by doctors and used to treat prostatitis.
Massage is a commonly used method to treat prostatitis. As everyone knows that the foot bottom has a lot of acupoints, the treatment of prostatitis through the massage of reflex zones. Knead on the reflex zones regularly with fingers or knuckles helps to relax the pressure of prostate. Like the foot bottom massage, hand massage to treat prostatitis also pressed on the acupoints of prostate gland. Another seldom heard method to treat prostatitis is auricular point massage. The practice is use the palm of your hand to massage whole era and relax the prostate gland.
While massage has a very good auxiliary therapeutic effect on prostatitis, use of medication such as Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can achieve the effect of the treatment on main pathogenesis.

99eyao:Do Men Have Self-healing Abilities after Getting Blood in Semen?


Mr Li was troubled by something recently, for he found blood in semen not long ago, and the symptom was increased recently. Influenced by traditional concept, his wife thought the symptom was not a good thing. So they were very nervous about the problem, but Mr Li didn’t go to a hospital for a long time for thinking the disease an embarrassing thing. In the end, he finally agreed to go to a hospital and got a check persuaded by his wife. The diagnosis showed the blood in semen was caused by chronic inflammation in urethral prostate. How can the disease damage a man’s body?


After getting blood in semen, do men have self-healing abilities? Many people don’t know much about hemospermia and they don’t know causes or symptoms of the disease. Expert said we call blood in semen hemospermia medically, main symptoms are red or coffee semen during sex and fresh or old blood in semen. Sometimes men can’t find the problem easily, for it occurs in sex usually and often men treat it as blood in women’s private parts.


Don’t delay the treatment by ignoring the symptom! Experts said men have the self-healing abilities if the blood is caused by drastic actions during sex, during which some tissues have sharp congestion and mechanical collision, then occasionally blood in semen may occur. But various male diseases cause blood in semen mostly, so men don’t have self-healing abilities commonly. It is better for a man to go to have a check in a hospital as soon as possible, other than that, he should pay attention if he has abdominal pain in the past, semen condition during spermatorrhea or when ejaculating, also he needs to get checks like a routine urinalysis, prostatic fluid, semen etc. If there is an inflammation, then a treatment needs to be gotten immediately, besides, he needs to be careful of movement range in sex to prevent the possibility of damage to sex organs. If blood in semen exists for a long time and is increased day after day, then there is a possibility for inflammation in seminal vesicle or urethra, calculus or even tumour, so a man must pay enough attention if he see blood in semen.


The quality of semen can be damaged by blood in semen, experts said, without a suitable treatment for a long time, men may get infertility. The most common cause of blood in semen is Seminal Vesiculitis usually. Seminal vesicle is close to prostate, urinary tract and rectum, it can be influenced by any disease from each organ easily. On the wall of seminal vesicle, there is a tiny rete vasculosum which contains a lot of capillaries, when seminal vesiculitis is caused by cell inflammation, there will be swelling and congestion on the wall of seminal vesicle, and capillaries will rupture and bleed. Men will discharge fresh red, dark red or coffee semen after sex, also they can have mild pain in perineum, around anus or in lower abdomen.


Blood in semen can be found in young couples the most, but it can occur in men of different ages. Experts said blood in semen exists in many common male diseases, so men don’t need to be afraid of the disease and avoid going to a hospital to get a treatment. The best way to cure the blood in semen is going to a hospital and get a check to find the cause, then get the most suitable treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, as an alternative treatment for the disease can cure men within several months usually with no drug resistance or side effect. It is totally safe and green for herbs inside the medicine are used to cook food in China.